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My guy is back to his old happy self and all because of a saddle pad. Isn't that something?
            Thanks Len for the design. You have saved the horse owners alot of money in saddle purchases with this wonderful Corrector!

Hi Len,
  I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you about my corrector pruchase. I love my pad and think everyone that has a horse should have one. Here are my thoughts on your Corrector.
       I found the ad for The Corrector, in the HorsePower Magazine, and wondered about this new Pad. I had been looking at different pads for quite some time so I decided to visit the website and email Len. He was so helpful and truthful. Finally afer careful consideration....(I never jump into anything too fast) I decided to get my own Corrector. I have a long, low backed horse and had trouble getting my Western Showsaddle to fit him properly as he got older and his wither became more prononced. Thus he would get a sore-back after a full day of showing. If I rode him mainly English he seemed to be fine...but that western saddle just was not doing him any favors. As you know, a new Western Show Saddle is not cheap, so I thought; The Corrector may be the answer to my prayers for my wonderful gelding. I purchased the Corrector in January and noticed a difference in the first ride!! I was amazed at how free he moved and he was much more willing to do things for me. (He had been refusing to pivot to the right) The pain was not there and he was very happy. He pivoted and sidepassed with ease. The only thing that I had changed was The Corrector. 
     We started showing Feb 1st and at the end of the Q.H. Show Series (3 sets of weekends in Feb and Mar) he and I ended up Reserve Novice All-Around Champions. We showed in Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Showmanship, Western Pleasure, and Horsemanship. Long days starting at 5am and ending at 7pm. He did great and his attitude remained cheery! He gave me his all and them some. Now I use my Corrector on my young mare. I love the shims....they are a must in my book if you are riding more than one horse and if you are using more than one saddle. My work saddle fits nothing like my show saddle, so it is great to have the adjustability.
    In my opinion, everyone should have a Corrector or two and use it on every horse. It was the smartest purchase I have made and would not be without it. A horse's back is too valuable to mess with and when their back hurts, their attitude can be rotten. My guy is back to his old happy self and all because of a saddle pad. Isn't that something?
    Thanks Len for the design. You have saved the horse owners a lot of money in saddle purchases with this wonderful Corrector!    
 Happy Owner:
 Sylvia Christiansen , Hartland, MINN>

  I just wanted to let you know that I love the Envelope pad. Before
I was using the CorrecTOR with a foam type saddle pad on top.
sometimes the saddle pad would shift as I was putting on my saddle.
With the Envelope pad this does not hoppen and besides the CorrecTOR
STAYS CLEAN. Thanks again!      Melissa Peabody

  I read on of your ads in a magazine.  After reading your entire website, I convinced my friend to buy one, since she was looking for the perfect pad.  The pad made sense to me.  I liken it to using a snowshoe, spreading the weight of the rider to eliminate the pressure points.  She bought one this past summer, her name is Kathy Burg-Westberg.  When she first used that pad I was there and witnessed how well her horse responded.  He was a different horse!
  Amy Galipo, Franklin, WI

Hi Len,
    I have the CorrecTOR Pad with shims for my English saddle and just love it. Now I want to purchase one for my husband's western saddle. Thanks so much for your help, Connie Burgdorf
   P.S. My english pad solved all my problems for my Tennessee Walker mare. Just couldn't get a
saddle to fit her and this did the trick. Thanks, again

  I ordered a corrector pad late last fall and of course winter has been here and I haven't done much riding so I haven't been able to try my pad much.  I have used it this week while checking beef cows.  Both Jackson (the horse) and I have been very pleased.  He rounds his back into the saddle and his canter and trot have improved drastically!
  Again we thank you for a wonderful product.
P.S. Some neighbors are getting into roping and they sounded interested in the correctors also.  I will let them try mine and maybe they will send you an order.
Virginia Karlsbroten, Mabel, MN

Hi Len, this is Karen Smith in Church Hill, TN.
  You may remember talking with me on the phone. I recently received my LG. Western Corrector and was able to try it out this past Saturday. I just wanted to let you know that it worked wonderfully on my 8 year old TN. Walking Horse stallion! The ride we took should have been a good test for the Corrector also. We rode a 7 hour round trip ride up in the mountains, and there was quite a lot of climbing up the mountains. The trail was rocky and steep in some places. I never had to adjust my saddle while everyone else kept having to stop and re-tighten cinches. After getting to the top, of course, we had to come back down but traveled an easier downhill grade on a gravel road. I used the Corrector with a lightweight wool blanket on top. My husband and I were both curious to pull the saddle from him at the end of the day and see if  he had rubbed places on him as usual, or if his back was sore to  press on it. Amazingly, he had no rubbed or galled places and I could press on his back anywhere and he showed no sensitivity or soreness.
   Before, after riding, I could press on his back and he would give to the pressure some. The place on his shoulder that was still not completely healed but had most of the hair growing back was also surprisingly no different than when we started out that day, so it didn't even rub that place any! My husband and I were both impressed!
     When the Corrector arrived in the mail, my husband took one look at it and said I have probably wasted my money. But I was hopeful, and yes, it did the trick! Just wanted to let you know and thanks for your time and explanations on the phone. I will be letting friends know how well it worked, as they saw it and were curious as to "what in the world it was for, and how and if it worked".
   ( I have been using the Corrector everytime we trail ride and it is still working like it is supposed to.)  
      Thanks again! Sincerely, Karen Smith & Pride's Grey Thunder

 Hi Len,
    Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly.
I did as you said in your email and the Eli Miller saddle did very
well. I rode my horse for about an hour today. She gaited
well and was very relaxed. I think I was not placing the
CorrecTOR far enough forward.
   Now I want to order another Corrector pad, no shims, and I want another of the Socks to put it in to keep it clean when in use.
    Thank you, Lee Pemberton  Staunton, VA.

Hi Len,
  I do not know if you remember me, I e-mailed you a couple of times and purchased a corrector pad.  I was the overweight women with the older PasoFino.  I had the Don West saddle.  I love the corrector pad, it works great.  No sore backs at all.
           Liz Estocin, Central Islip, NY

Len, THANKS for the pad. My Paso Fino mare is moving so freely now that
I am using the Corrector. I was "the first on the block" to buy one of your
pads, and am so glad I did.
     Everyone wants to see it and try it, but I'm too busy using it to let it
out of my hands for too long. Keep up the good work.
                                 Ann Warrington
                                 Palouse, Washington