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Hello Len,
  I've been waiting to be sure of my horse's experience before writing, I have thought I found the right fix too many times and the long term results in the past were bad news.
    I just did my and my horse's first 100 miler last weekend.  We did one 50 in May for the first endurance ride with the Corrector.  All A's on his vet card for back scores.  This 100 miler was the true test.  The head vet REALLY palpated his back and I was standing there holding my breath, they made us pull tack several times, all A's all day on his back and everything else!  What a total relief after all the screwups with various saddle disasters, we are back in our original saddle and it is staying off his shoulders wonderfully, that was all it ever had an issue with, fits good in all other ways.  No crupper needed, which is great, down some extremely long downhill slopes.
    My ultralight works fine, I cut it to contour my saddle but I am getting alot of wear on the sides under my leg, endurance is tough on tack!  I was glad to see that you have made an envelope pad with wear leathers.
    Thank you for making this pad, it sure did save us!
    Kelly Nutter - Corvallis, OR

This new corrector, I'm quite sure fooled my horse into believing he had a panel saddle on!  Saddling has been a breeze, min. negative reaction from the horse. / Darlene Leader, Ont. Canada

Dear Len,
Just wanted to update you on how the corrector worked.   The corrector did everything that you said it would.  It was amazing how well the horses responded and how much more freedom of movement they had.  The corrector also set the saddle in the correct position for a balanced ride the jiggling and bouncing was gone and the horses seem to enjoy the ride as much as we did.  Just wanted to thank you for such a great product.

Hi Len, just wanted to let you know that by golly you were right, the Corrector fixed my saddle problem.  The Crates saddle tipped up in the back and with 2 shims it works perfect.  I rode her with just the pad and its little cover and at first she was acting like she wasn't sure if she liked it but within 10 minutes she was moving better with freer movement.  I went to the barn the other day and my friend left me a note saying she tried the Corrector on her horse and loves it... and last night I went to the barn and she already had it on her horse to use during her lesson!!!  So, needless to say we are very happy and you will be getting some more orders-
Deb Zimmerman- Olympia, WA

Len, Don't know if you remember me but the problem was my Arab gelding was rubbing the hair off at the back end of the saddle bars, with any saddle or pad I tried, about 10 total each, after about a 5-6 mile ride.  Two days of this and no riding on him.  I used the Corrector with front shims as recommended, plus the Ultralite Envelope, (which I wanted), for 4 rides.  One ride at 6 miles, one ride at 8 miles, two rides at 10 miles on consecutive days.  All those rides in hot 80-90 plus degree weather, which meant alot of sweating going up and down in my hill country.  Not one sign of hair or skin rubbing, plus no sore back.  GREAT!!!!!!  I also received two bonuses I didn't expect.  he didn't like to be saddled, moved around and hated it.  Now he stands quiet while saddling, no moving around at all.  Next I noticed the ride was smoother AT ANY GAIT.  It's like having a different horse and saddle under me.  Does your Corrctor design work?/  You bet, and I have no doubt it will fix other problems that you list.  I just wanted to say Thanks and I wish you all the success in the world.  Believe if my horse, SHAHDON C MONEYA, (The Don), could talk he would say thanks too. 
Richard Patterson- Illinois

Hi Len,
Well I'm very impressed with the Corrector - used it a couple of times now with the WOW saddle and horse moving even better!  From the very even sweat patches it appears to be spreading the pressure from the front of the saddle really well - Rowan being croup high this was a problem even with the WOW - but the Corrector seems to even everything out - like you said it would!  I will certainly recommend the Corrector to the other endurance (or not) riding friends of mine and will probably end up letting folk try my pad!
Will keep in touch and let you know how it goes!
Many thanks,
Judith Stirling- Powys, Wales, UK

Dear Len,
What an amazing product!  I was nearly blown off my horse by how much better he moved with your pad!  This is one that you have just got to hear.
Well, my horse is a TWH - and I haven't been able to ride for 6 weeks because of my injury - today was the first day to try the new Tucker saddle - I used a plain Navajo pad to see if I got any rub marks - Well he was very stiff and bumpy, and was sweaty and sinded after a few passes - I thought boy he was REALLY out of shape - I removed the Navajo and found no rubs or dry patches with the Tucker... Good (I thought).
THEN I put your pad on without the shims and... WELL... even with my out of shape butt... I could tell at his flat walk that he was much more fluid - more relaxed and when I asked him to move on - he was slick and head-noddin a four beat gait - no more huffing, bumping and a lot more energetic... LORD I was happy when I realized what a difference your pad made...
THEN it dawned on me, what I thought was his fatigue after those first few laps with the Tucker and Navajo... was pain.. Oh my God - I can not thank you enough... I can not imagine what he would have gone through if I did not have your pad -
You are the real thing!
Thank you soo much,
Mary Ann

Hello Len,
  Facinating. Just got back from an afternoon of evaluating your Corrector. Amir, the Arab, is a different horse. I'm not telling you anything that you didn't already know. He truly is a changed beast. As I said before, he is looser and more fluid in his gaits. Rain Dancer, the Paint, is about as different in shape, and form, from Amir as you can get. So. After she got the bananas out of her brains and paid attention, she too was engaging her back, letting her head loose and flowing into her moves. Fancy, The Morab is such a sweet thing, she always tells me what I want to hear , so she isn't a good test. However, I must say that she too is relaxed and having fun.
   I will order at least one more Corrector when I can. Are you selling enough of these things?  Are people listening to you? I hope so. Peace, Susan Yacavone > Plainfield, NH.

I have ony used my CorrecTOR pad twice, the first time for about an hour and then on an all day ride, and it has made a big difference.  That it works doesn't really make sense to me, but it does work.  My wonderful custom made saddle was slipping forward onto my mare's withers no matter how far back I placed the saddle or what kind of padding I used and she was starting to get pretty unhappy about being saddled.  The saddle now stays put, I am in a much better position in the saddle and my horse is not sore when I unsaddle her.
Also, thank you for sending the alternate pad.  Your note said the pad I orderd was not in stock and I would not have received my order in time for the all day ride had you not substituted pads.  If the Corrector had not made it in time, I would not have been able to do the ride.  In fact, I was not going to be able to use my $2000 saddle on this horse again.  So, thank you for making a product that actually does what you say it will do, even though it doesn't make sense, and thank you for caring enough to upgrade my order.
I have several friends with saddle fit problems and I will definitely recommend the corrector.
Patty Simon, Palisade, CO.

Hi Len,
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Corrector pad.  When I first tried it out, the first thing I noticed was that my usually high-headed and energetic horse was much more relaxed.  She trotted and loped with her head and neck in a natural position and moved much slower.  I'd been trying to get her to slow down for weeks and just one ride wit the Corrector and she was going the way I wanted.  As happy aaas I was with the way she moved, I was mostly concerned with the dry spot and white hairs she was getting on her fight wither area.  I'm happy to report that after a few attempts at finding the correct placement for the Corrector, she no longer has dry spots and the white hairs are almost completely gone.
Thank you for inventing the Corrector, it truly is an excellent product.
Aimee Sumner

  I ordered the pad from you because my 20 yr.old calf roping horse wasn't working as good as he could; he had become a real pain to saddle and would actually go down to his belly when I girted him up. I was real skeptical about this working because I was riding with lots of pads, and had already tried 3 different saddles. However, the changes have been remarkable. It took about 3 weeks with the new Envelope Pad and Corrector (I almost gave up) to start working. He just gradually started to stop harder and get back better. After about 2 months he has quit laying down and showing signs of discomfort when saddling. I wound up using 2 shims in front and one behind. Thank you so much. Ken Harrod, McGregor, TX.

Len, I just had to write and tell you; THANK YOU for such a wonderful product! I have ridden my mare only 4 times with the Corrector and we have had improvement every day in taking her left lead. She's a much happier horse & I can tell a difference in how she's carrying her back. Before the Corrector, she looked like her back was getting really low and caved in behind the shoulders after riding. Now, her back is back to normal, no more dents where her saddle sits and no rubbing. She even is not getting as sweaty as before and I am riding longer. I can't believe what a difference this has made. Another plus; with the Envelope Pad I can feel my horse better. I will never be without one of these for as long as I am able to ride. Debbie Trujillo > Parker, Colorado

    Well, I did get to test out the Corrector. Used a friends indoor arena. I took my buckskin gelding who didn't like to work to the left. I rode him around for about 15minutes (same saddle I have been using on him) just to let him get the feel of the new Envelope pad and corrector. I then started working him to the left. After he figured out that the bars weren't going to "bite" anymore he was almost a different horse! After an hour of just working him both directions, circles, etc., he was carrying his head level and when I picked up and asked him to go left he tucked his nose and made very smooth turns, as he did to the right. 
    To say I am very impressed with the Corrector is putting it mildly. I can't wait to use it in competition and working stock at our local auction. Best regards, Don Rhamey > Midland, TX.      

Hi Len, Thanks for the update: 

Just wanted to let you know how happy I STILL am with my Corrector and ProUltralite Envelope.  I've been using it for approx. 3 years, and it has been the answer to all my saddle fitting woes. Not only are my horses more comfortable, but I am able to adjust the fit based on their changing shape due to increase/decrease in exercise and weight. No other pad can do this the way The Corrector can. I use one saddle on two different horses and accommodate their different shapes simply by adding or removing the balance shims. My husband Tony and I are such enthusiastic advocates of The Corrector that we have convinced several of our friends to purchase them as well.


The Corrector is often imitated, but I have yet to see anything comes close to its performance. Thank you again for creating such an outstanding product. 



Len - it's working great on my foxtrotter - of course, she's still nursing her filly so we don't get to ride her very far or for very long, but I had no idea just how much pressure the saddle was placing on her shoulders before your pad - expect it will work just as great for our new gelding - his saddle appears to fit him pretty good, but I don't want to wait for the pain and behavior problems to begin to find out we need another of your great pads. Thanks again! 



Hi Len, 

Just to update you on the Corrector -- wow, you ship fast! I put it on my husband's MFT mare first, since she was the one I was ready to saddle up when it came. I put it on without the shims and with the cheapie ebay "Brazilian Paso Fino-Arab McClellan Trooper" saddle. Wow, that mare has NEVER moved that well! She'd been moving better since I bought the cheapie saddle, but with that AND the Corrector, she actually wanted to collect and go into a foxtrot instead of a pace. Nice mare, but I've always hated her gait -- she's just never moved well to me for the eight years we've had her, but recently I've been riding her more than hubby so have had more time to see what was wrong -- with only partial success prior to the Corrector. 

She's been better every time we've ridden her with it -- Mike, my husband, was amazed with what a great ride she's becoming as she's learning to use different correct muscles and move right. She wasn't as good with the shims, we did play around with that some -- so, it's working great for her without shims. 

My Thoroughbred hated the Corrector, so I think it's just going to be a plain fleece pad for him with the Wintec Aussie. 

My TWH, the one I'm hoping to ride with the Trekker Treeless, has a nasty wasp-sting on her withers, so I haven't been able to ride and try it with her. Will do that when the sting heals. 

Anyway, a BIG thank you from the MFT, my husband and me. Will let you know if I need another one after I check out my TWH with it.



Hi Len,

Yes, even though the weather has been bad here, I have managed to ride in the saddle twice. It is very comfortable for me and I believe my horse Blazn as well.

No saddling issues and no acting up when the saddle is used with the corrector. I wanted to give it a few more rides but I really think that the corrector is definitely worth the money. 

I have been singing your praises out at the barn. I am pretty sure that a friend that rides with me will be ordering a corrector from you. She has asked me to measure her saddle this weekend and I believe she will order one after that. 

Again, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. You have not heard the last from me. Once the weather gets better, and I can get some longer, more intense rides, I will let you know how things are. 

God bless you for caring for horses and their owners!! 


Hi Len - this afternoon I [FINALLY!!] rode in the pad for the first time with the double shims in the front -- admittedly this was only the 2nd time riding with the pad. 



*my horse seemed very comfortable and felt like he was moving more "freely" 

*felt very "balanced" -- the saddle did not shift side to side or front to back

*the saddle was "even" -- did not tip up in the front or the back

I procrastinated using it because after buying some costly pads that didn't work out, I didn't want to be disappointed again. Doesn't make much sense seeing as I couldn't wait to receive it, but that's what happens sometimes...

 THANK YOU LEN !!!!!! 

Hi Len, 

I haven't been able to do too much yet as it hasn't stopped raining! (Yay!!!) Everything is slippery and muddy so its all been very slow and steady. I did manage to get on the filly one morning and get a trot up and all was great. I have tried my stock fender saddle on her with the pad and I actually think it fits her better than the cutting saddle now using the Corrector pad. Saddles seem to come forward on her so I tried the three shims on the front with the fender saddle, she seemed to be totally ok with it but I felt tilted back just a little. I put the two shims in the rear and Jay was still comfortable with that and I felt perfectly balanced, and this might sound strange, but I then had to lengthen my stirrups??? and I could feel my shoulders relax as well, even though I didn't ever think I had a problem with them before??? So I feel your wonderful pad has actually "Corrected" two problems, the saddle not sitting correctly on the horse and then because of this, me not sitting correctly on the saddle to compensate for the ill fitting! It has been so dry here and the rain is really appreciated, but I can't wait to see how Jay's confidence has changed. I could already see the difference in her demeanor when I girthed her up, and when we trotted she lowered her head willingly instead of me having to ask for it. Just watching her topline when she is grazing, I can see when she lowers her head her wither goes down in between her shoulders, from the back of her wither her spine rounds up higher than her front, and being low hocked, she brings her hind end right under herself, so her whole body is in an arc. How many times do you look at a horse and the thought of ever noticing things like this never for one second enter your head! Thank you for making me aware, I now don't just look at a horse, I can actually see it.

 Take care 

Lynda Lovell 

Hi Len, 

Just letting you know that we did ride today with our new pads. It took us a few minutes to figure out what we were doing. We were out for over 5 hours which is a long ride for us. When I took the saddles and pads off our horses there was no tenderness in the back. Usually, my boyfriend's horse has is tender on his right side towards the back of his saddle and today he didn't flinch at all when I checked him. I think that this may be what he needed. I also read on your webpage about the girl that put the shims on and raised one stirrup a couple of holes and lowered the other a couple of holes with interest. I got my own saddle out and centered it on the saddle stand and studied where the stirrups hit on the shelf below. Anyway, I ended up doing the same thing, I had to lower one stirrup a couple of holes and raise the other a couple as well. I felt that I had a much more centered ride today. I thought it would surely feel awkward for awhile, but it really didn't at all, it felt good right away. I hate to tell you that I have been riding for 40 years and was riding around that way. I find that I can learn new things every day if I pay attention. I just got back from the Equine Affaire and went to a few clinics. I always bring home a couple of things to try to make things more pleasureable for me and my horse. I am already trying to get a friend of mine to try one of our corrector pads on his horse. This horse always seems irritated when we are together in a group and he always has trouble a few times getting forward motion from this horse, and when he finally does move out he kind of has a little bucking fit. I have always felt that something is uncomfortable for him, his whole attitude says I am not having a good time. My friend insists that he is just being ornery, but I don't think that horses think that way. I have ridden him and so has another girl with an english saddle without any problm. Anyway, he and his wife went out just by themselves today and if he still has trouble, I think he will cave in and try my corrector. I will let you know when the shims arrive. That will be next, working on getting Nightlife to use both leads. I attended a clinic by Julie Goodnight on lead changes and think that I got quite a few pointers, however, I don't really expect it to be as easy as she makes it look. I don't do this for a living and am nowhere near a s proficient as the professionals. But, I do find horses to be pretty patient and quite forgiving of our shortcomings and if you can get them to understand what you want they will try to comply. Once again, thank you for helping our horses have a more comfortable ride and I will keep you updated on how we are doing.




Dear Len,

I received the Corrector yesterday and tried it out on my filly. I palpated her like you said. I didn't really know what I was looking for nor did I know exactly what palpate meant, but once I put pressure where I knew the saddle was hurting her, she raised her head and pinned her ears on the right side. Right away I knew what I was looking for. That there was the side she was always stiff on. When I saddled her, she didn't pin her ears back nearly as much as she usually does. Well, when I got on, it was amazing! Always before my filly has had a rough hard sitting trot. I had to really try breaking at the waist in order to avoid just thumping in the saddle. I have a completely desiccated (compressed) disc so this was many times painful for my back. I just thought she needed to be more collected and when she jogged slowly, she was not too bad to sit. When I used the Corrector, it was like trotting on air no matter how fast or slow she trotted! I had been hoping that the Corrector would help my filly's back, I had no idea that it would help mine! She's still a little stiff in the circles, but there's such an improvement that I think it's only a matter of time before she will be able to flex completely. I am so excited, I can't wait to use it every time! 

Thank You!

Brenda Harris 

Dear Len,

I recently purchased your corrector pad and a set of shims and wanted to let you know that it works great!! Last year I purchased a 14.2h three year old Doc Bar bred Quarter horse as a reining prospect. I tried repeatedly to fit saddles on him with no luck and purchased and re-sold 3 saddles in the last year. He is very short backed and his rump is higher than his withers. I finally found that a reining saddle with semi-QH bars fits him best, but the gullet was not wide enough to accommodate his well developed shoulders. Therefore, the saddle was pushing on his shoulders and causing pain which made his spins and turns slow and choppy and required constant adjustments to his shoulders. I hated this situation as I didn't want him to be in pain, but could not afford a custom saddle and was at a real loss as to how to remedy the problem until I found your Internet site. Now, thanks to the Corrector pad and a set of your shims, he is turning and moving freely. As an added bonus, he no longer swishes his tail during saddling and no longer threatens to buck when he is being warmed up. I can't tell you what a wonderful difference this has made in his attitude and performance and in my guilt level! The corrector is a wonderful invention! 

Thanks much,

Brenda Noble

Ok Len,

I finally got the saddle corrector working for me. Thank you for all your help. It turns out Wyatt was just a tad bit barn sour thanks to my lousy schedule. He was responding to my riding him with excessive and intolerance and not to the corrector. I just started riding him more and using the corrector. After correcting the barn sourness, I then realized that he really does like the corrector pad (no tail swishing) and can really just relax and flat walk. Thank you for your patience. I ended up using all of the mule shims, (both front and back and lengthening my right stirrup) girthing a tad bit looser, and leveling 2 1/4 inches between the elbow and girth. There was approx. 2 inches of pad showing in front when riding. I was also able to feel under the pad and feel how the shields gives and contracts when I was on his back as he was "dog" walking. Nice product! I now stay put in my saddle) no sliding forward or being lopsided. We are both happier and more consistent. I think now he will be able to keep up with my horse without changing gait or pacing. 

Carla Chang

Hi Len,

Well, I got to try the corrector yesterday and today. Yesterday was good and what I noticed was my horse Maverick (6 year old gelding with prominent withers) was willing to step out more and reach with his front end. However, I was somewhat out of position as my saddle was tipped forward too much. I only used a 1/4" wool felt pad on top of the corrector and I realized half way through the ride that because my saddle is fairly wide it was sitting too low in front. 

Today was different! I've owned Maverick since last September and today was the best ride I've ever had on this horse. He normally is a slow walker and I've always felt it was because the saddle was uncomfortable for him. I love to trail ride and I like a horse that can stretch out and walk right along. I used my old 1/2" wool felt pad on top of the corrector today and it set the saddle up perfectly. The improvement was amazing! Maverick moved out better than ever before with his neck stretched out and his head was swinging in a long striding walk. His ears were pricked and he was just happy to cover the country. 

There was also a bonus. Maverick is often distracted by anything different on the trail and will shy quite a few times in the course of a 2 hour ride. Nothing severe, just a little spook in place or a 90 degree pivot away from what scared him. There was none of that today. He just moved out and never acted afraid of anything. Oh, he took a close look at some junk and plastic bags along the trail but went on by like there was no problem. I'm convinced that when a horse is truly physically comfortable his confidence level is much higher. Horses that hurt are looking for way to get out of work. 

Oh, another bonus. My saddle never moved or rolled around. Normally I have to shift my weight and press one stirrup to level things up and that will happen fairly often during the course of a ride. Not today! My saddle stayed put right smack in the middle even after mounting. Two hours on the trail and I was always centered. I couldn't get over it. We are going to be logging some long miles from now on now that Maverick and I are both comfortable. 

Thanks Len for a good idea that really works. 

P.S. I showed a few other folks out at the saddle club where I ride how good the corrector is and you may have to be making some more to ship to Canada. 

Best regards,


Len, so sorry I didn't write sooner. The Corrector has done the trick! My husband's horse is so much more comfortable in it! The saddle now stays in place & doesn't slide back & dig into his withers any more! Blue gaits better & doesn't get "Hot" anymore! It took a couple of rides for my husband to get the pad on far enough forward to understand why it had to go as far forward as it does, but once he did that, it all fell in place! I also see why the pad needed to be so long!! 

Many Thanks from both of us!!


Hi Len,

Thanks for getting my two new pads off to me so quickly, I have to admit that my first impression was skeptical but after two days of riding I must say that they are the first two days of riding I ever on my black Connemara where the saddle did not slip forward and try to roll around as we climbed around in very hilly terrain. I can hardly believe it could happen! A great invention! Now what am I going to do with the stack of saddle pads I have tried that did not work? Good dog beds, I guess. Have a good week, I am hoping for a bit of rain, but perhaps it isn't wise to wish for rain or a two week deluge may occur.

Adios and thanks again, 

Catherine Mack

The Plains, VA

Just wanting you to know that I'm LOVING these pads! I never thought that I would be comfy in a saddle, and have my Paso Fino, Carmen be comfy too! I did end up getting that endurance super cush Abetta saddle, and it works just fine on him... we did a 3 hour ride, and no choppy steps, cocked head, or pacing going down hill... 

Thank you so much for a wonderful product! 

Terri Steiner 

Hi Len,

I got my pad last week - used it on the first horse a few days ago. Wasn't expecting much - well, it was pretty dramatic. This was a horse that was almost going backwards he was so sore and switching his tail almost continually. After a few minutes he didn't look like the same horse! He was finally going forward happily and stretching down and rounding his back up - it was amazing. He even gave us a flying lead change onto his "bad" lead. I am so impressed. My boarder - Peggy Shea is getting one or two for her horses after trying mine. 

Thanks a bunch.

Sue Dodge

McMinnville, OR

Dear Len,

A couple of months back, I started my Paint Gelding with your Corrector. Just wanted you to know that I've seen a marked improvement in his way of going, especially on the downhill. Because I can't ride daily (I'm only out here part time), it has taken awhile for him to believe that he doesn't have to brace against the pressure of the saddle behind his shoulder with stiff little steps. But I think he has finally accepted it as a fact. Today, without urging, his "power walk" was nearly as extended on the downhill as it was on the flat! Also, he has always resisted backing up. With a little work on that, he's much more willing and clearly more flexible. 

Thanks for answering my questions both by email and on the phone - I think I've made an excellent purchase. Gangster sends his thanks, too! 


Chris Wipff

O'Neals, CA


Mr. Brown,

I wanted to send this e-mail to you and thank you for creating the Corrector. I have just ordered my 3rd pad. One western & two english. I have 5 horses. All types and with your pad my saddle fits all of them. My new dressage saddle (with a wide tree) fits my high withered gelding. My chiro/acupun has told me that his back is is the best she's ever seen. No back pain from my saddle now. Thank you again!!!!

I have also just put my old TB mare back under saddle. She has been in a trailer accident a few years back & hated any pressure from a saddle on her back. I'm using your pad & she is back into light training & loves it. 

Connie Shrader

Hampstead, Maryland  

Thanks Len,

I took your advice and in the end I actually needed all 10 shims! I originally thought, oh, no, 10 shims is for mules. My beautiful little horse can't be anything like a flat-backed mule. But, sure enough, the shims balanced the saddle and let him lift his back without bouncing. It is hard to accept that the shims aren't "playing saddle fit". I kept worrying that all those shims might be pinching his withers, but he seems 100% comfortable. Thanks again. My husband just had a new saddle made and he will be getting a corrector too! 



I wanted to let you know I received the saddle pad and it works great! The saddle doesn't slip even on steep downhills. It seems to fit her best with the two front shims and no rear shims so that's the way I have it set. By the way, the pad is beautiful, and looks really sharp against her dappled palomino skin. Thanks again for the excellent service and great product. 

Crystal Shropshire, DVM

Hi Len,

I'm enjoying the large English corrector and E-pad on the 23-24 year old TB polo pony I mailed you pictures of. I also ride a 21 year old, bigger dressage/event TB at another barn. Both horses seem to have nice, willing movement in the system. For the polo pony I ride in an old dressage Stubben (brown.. that I also sent pictures of) with one set of front and rear shims. I did purchase a neoprene english hunter girth without elastic as you suggested. At first she was a bit worried about being tacked up in it (probably past wither discomfort) but now she seems back to trusting things. She has put on weight and is happy to move. 

For the larger dressage horse I ride in my trainer's dressage Jaguar saddle and use the corrector and E-pad without shims. I wish I had a dressage girth without elastic for him but they are hard to find at the various barns and tack shops in our area. 

Cynthia Smith 

Hi Len,

I am very happy with the Corrector! So far I've only tried it for my gaited Morgan under his treeless saddle. I had been having a lot of problems with this saddle sitting too far down on his withers. This particular treeless (Barefoot Sierra) has a wooden horn insert with prongs that sit down on the withers. In the past, the prongs always squished him. The Corrector keeps the prongs from putting pressure on him. I also realized that I had always place the saddle too far forward. With the guidance on the sleeve, I now am placing the saddle properly. As a result, I am much more balanced, and Beau is much happier. I particularly notice this when we are riding downhill. It used to be very painful and slow for both of us. Now he just strides along and I don't feel like I'm sliding up onto his neck! This is the most useful piece of tack I've bought in a long time! 



This is the 4th pad I have bought from you. One I sold to a friend because his horse's back was sore even with a new saddle with tree fitted to him. The sore back is gone. My wife's foxtrotter is just more comfortable with the Corrector. My foxtrotter is built like a quarterhorse but he galls easily. Fitted him with a standard QH tree with loose girth plus cruper and breastcollar. Took these boys on the annual ETI Death Valley ride last fall, 140 miles, best ride yet with horses totally comfortable. The new pad is for my silly mare that has a long ridge back built like an aussie stock horse. She needs all the shims. 



Hi Len,

I've just placed another order for 2 additional "The Corrector" pads. If you remember, I import warmbloods to the U.S. primarily for the Dressage and Hunter/Jumper markets. Its been a real ordeal to get our saddles to fit all the different types I've imported and trained. With "The Corrector", I don't have the need for all the different type saddles and pads and what not. I primarily use 1 or 2 different H/J saddles and the same in the dressage saddles, dramatically reducing my saddle inventory. 

I've used this pad to help with saddle fitting issues in both disciplines and can't begin to tell you what a difference it has made. I've seen horses that are so sore and miserable (actually becoming lame from saddle fitting issues in some cases) really improve and change their dispositions dramatically. I've seen improvement in movement, jumping abilities and changes in the muscle development over their backs.

I can't say enough good about "The Corrector" pad. Riders and their horses would be well served to investigate what you have to offer! 


Diane van den Berg 

Bend, Oregon 



Well, I did get to test out the Corrector. Used a friends indoor arena. I didn't take the saddle with no skirts due to the rain. However, I took my buckskin gelding who didn't like to work to the left. I rode him around for about 15 minutes (same saddle I have been using on him) just to let him get the feel of the new pad. I then started working him to the left. After he figured out that the bars weren't going to "bite" anymore he was almost a different horse! After an hour of just working him both directions, circles, etc., he was carrying his head level and when I picked up and asked him to go left he tucked his nose and made very smooth turns, as he did to the right.

To say I am very impressed with the Corrector is putting it mildly. I can't wait to use it in competition and working stock at our local auction. 

Best regards, 

Don Rhamey 

I purchased the corrector pad in September and have ridden many miles with it. It has proven to do exactly what you intended it to do. My little short backed Morgan mare extends better and certainly goes downhill like she used to when she was younger. I can ride my old Visalia saddle knowing that I am not hurting her.

Thanks for all the help.

Priscilla E. Schlag

Northern California  

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dear Len,

Am writing to say how delighted I am with the performance of the Corrector. It took me a while to figure it out, but I was in a clinic last weekend and on horseback for hours - my horse was not sore at all! I rode him Tuesday and Saturday and he is still not sore. I can feel him better because he's not tensing up to get relief from the saddle. Since I didn't ride him all winter, he had a chance to heal, and I noticed yesterday (Saturday) that he was sweating behind his withers (as well as everywhere else under the saddle) - a normal and healthy thing! 

Thanks for your help and encouragement. 

Elizabeth Kennard 

Hi Len,

Yes, it arrived a few days ago. This is my second corrector. My first was a western one and when I switched to Dressage I used it under my dressage saddle until I could afford to get the english one. I've used the new one twice now. This pad has made all the difference in my horse. He was not rideable due to severe atrophy at his shoulders, and chronic founder. My farrier and I worked on his feet for a year. I thought that he would be a lawn ornament until I found your pad. 

Since I've been using your pad, he has built up a tremendous amount of muscle and rides beautifully. He's very forward now and can't wait to be ridden. He reaches out to get his head in the bridle as soon as he sees it. He no longer has hysterics when cinched. He has become such a total joy to ride - lightfooted, flexible and willing, extremely responsive to the lightest of aids. He's like riding a cloud. he is a small Arab/Quarter horse cross, but he works with such joy now, whenever he's in the ring all eyes are drawn to him as he carries himself with such pride. It is truly an honor to be on his back. None of the instructors believed that he would ever be capable of the work he now does. I thank you for allowing me to develop a relationship with my horse that I never knew was possible. 

Judi Black 


Thank you for your pad!!! Our horse, Addidas, who the vets said would never be sound enough to make an endurance horse, is rocking!!! My 24 year old horse, Rushcreek Quasar, with over 5,000 Competitive & endurance miles for the first time ever, is no longer "cold-backed". 

Thank you for your time!!!!

Wendy Maas


This spring I was asked to test a new invention of Len Brown (inventor of Ortho-Flex saddles). He has designed and put into production a novel idea in saddle pads. This device does not replace your current saddle pad and is placed under it. It is designed to prevent saddle bridging (pressure on shoulders and loins from saddle bars). A custom saddle made for your horse fits while standing, but the CorrecTOR pad aids fir WHILE THE HORSE IS MOVING. Why invest in a new saddle every time you buy a new horse? Get the saddle that fits you and let the CorrecTOR do the same for your horse. The CorrecTOR equalizes pressure from basic saddle inadequacies. 

Last year I decided to quit using my Ortho-Flex saddle because it was just too heavy. My new horse is 2 inches taller than my old one and boy, does that make a difference when lifting 40 pounds! I could not afford another Ortho-Flex so I purchased a Fabtron synthetic western saddle. It fit reasonably when my horse was standing, but I felt pressure in the shoulder area when I walked him forward and gaited. To remedy this I placed stairstepped shims under the front third of the saddle to lift the saddle a little higher off his shoulder. It also gave me the three finger gullet clearance I desired. It worked, but what a pain to arrange them every time I saddled. Now, I just toss the CorrecTOR on, then my saddle pad and I AM DONE. The CorrecTOR does not show under my Professional Choice pad. I have ridden in hills and the velcro keeps it tight to my regular saddle pad. I put many miles on my horse and cannot find any pressure points from my saddle. It comes in an English and Western model. 

Mary Melton 

I really like it, I use it on two very different horses using front shims only on one and back shims only on the other, I forgot to change the shims around today and immediately had to fix them, really makes a huge difference in the saddle balance.. one of my boarders introduced me to your corrector (although I had orthoflex saddles in the past), she told me today that she had not used her corrector pad on her horse and that he now was sore in his back. She said that she now is convinced more than ever before that the corrector pad works!! 


Hi Len,

I wanted to tell you that so far the CorrecTOR has done more than I expected. I've only gotten in half a dozen rides or so since it's winter in MN but I've already noticed a difference in my Arab. He is much more comfortable going downhill, the saddle stays where I put it, plus he's now raising his back and rounding instead of hollowing out away from the saddle. 

I have to admit that I kind of laughed when I read your directions about adding and taking away shims to balance the saddle. I thought I would never be able to tell the difference -- but I mostly followed the instructions anyway. The first ride with no shims seemed OK at first then I thought,
"Hmmm, I feel like I'm a little downhill." So naturally the next ride I added two shims in the front instead of one in each side and then realized that I was a little tipped back. Now I have one shim in each side and the saddle feels just right. It's amazing that those thin shims can make that much difference!

My horse has lots of white in each side of his withers from damage to his back and I feel really bad about that -- especially since I tried so hard to find the best saddle and pad combination I could for him. I spent a lot of money and a lot of time and still couldn't find an answer. I think the CorrecTOR finally is going to solve our problems! I'm hoping some of the white hair will go away through the coming years. 

Thanks so much for making a quality product! 

Frieda Bruck 

Howdy Len,

Your Corrector pad is the best horse related product I ever bought! My old gelding who was so one sided thinks he's a colt again. He's better behaved in the saddle and moves out much more willingly. And I think he's started to even out in his musculature as his sweat patterns under the saddle are changing. I especially like using the pads (I have two) with the donkeys and my mule. No more riding "downhill". The shims place the saddle in a level position and make everyone more comfortable. Thanks for developing such a great product and thanks for the follow up email. I won't allow my animals to be ridden without one of your pads so I may need another for guest riders. 


Gerry Lyng 

Hi Len,

I bought the corrector pad a few years ago to use when I ride my aged grade gelding. After reading your instructions and corresponding with you about the pad, I was also able to use the pad on another horse with wonderful success. 

What I did not expect was the results from using the pad on my third horse! He is a 16.3 hand Missouri Foxtrotter with a short and broad back. I was having a horrible time trying to get saddles to fit him... every saddle no matter how wide... slipped. It was a very frustrating experience. Then I called and spoke with you and you told me how to place the shims on the corrector. I did as you directed and found no more slipping. 

But that is not the point of this story! As it turns out, I only rode "Rocky" once with the corrector before oging on a elk hunting trip with my husband. You probably should know that I purchased Rocky because he had packing experience with dead game. Rocky has been an excellent trail and mountain horse, so I have not been disappointed. Long story short. After many attempts I finally shot my cow elk. My husband and I proceeded with the process of quartering and cleaning the elk. We had the "boys" Rocky and Arrow (the aged grade) tied to a bush. All was well, until it came time to load up Rocky. Not having experienced this situation with Rokcy before, I chose to spend some time with Rocky just walking around the meat and trying to focus on me and then relax. He responded well. So we placed one quarter onto his pack - and the show began!! Please keep in mind that I was on the other end of this 12 lead line, as Rocky, bucked, lunged, reared, bucked some more, jumped, reared and basically objected to the pack. All of this on the side of a mountain - did I fear for my life? You bet your boots I did! And I figured that at any moment that saddle was going to slide under his belly and we would all be history! So, I tried to move with him, while I kept talking to him... calmly reassuring him that it was okay. Of course he finally stopped about 3 feet in front of me and relaxed. 

Now on any of the other saddle and pad combination, the saddle probably would have slipped underneath Rocky's belly. BUT, to my amazement the saddle HAD NOT BUDGED this is with a quarter of an elk hanging on one side! I love the corrector pad! It has truly been the answer to our saddling problems. And is worth every penny I paid for it. 

Thank you! 


Kellie Case 


HI Len,

I received the corrector pad and made a temporary polartec fleece cover for it. It was too icy to load and unload my Concho boy at the stable, so I rode a school horse. She's a 26 year old Appy. I turned her loose in the indoor and encouraged her to run around and get out the bucks. I used the corrector under the navajo blanket instead of the foam rear riser pad the trainer usually uses. My trainer has seen it all and isn't receptive to newfangled gimics as they usually don't deliver on the promises. I told him who designed and manufactured the corrector, so he was at least agreeable to letting me use it. I mounted up and we started off to the right, which is her not so good side. Normally Baby needs about 10 minutes to loosen up. I noticed Robert watching her legs rather than my riding. I could feel that she was relaxed and, I guess, fluid, is the word I would use to describe her movement. We picked up a trot, and she felt great. Robert was impressed with how nicely she reached and rubbed up. He started ticking off the horses in his stable that would benefit. 

Can't wait to actually use on MY horse. I'm sure the Concho will love it. 

Thanks - great product. 


Almost every customer is a Testimonial when it comes to the Corrector. If there is saddle soring or pain at all the results are
immediate. So many horses just "won't take it any more"... and
start putting up a fight. Anything to get away from being ridden. Just take this man's story:  1st email... Hi Len,  We get alot of horse magazines and I am desperate to find a cure for my horse to stand still to ride him.... He's nine years old and he makes riding very difficult.... he won't let me touch certain spots on this back, so I'm thinking when I go saddle up he does everything not to stand still, I wonder if he doesn't have a problem there..... so when I read your ad I went on line and read your article and I thought maybe you knew my horse, because everything you talk about is the way he acts... so I'm anxious to use the Corrector. As soon as I get it and try it I will let you know the outcome. I believe in your theory... and hope this will be my answer.
Oh the riding I do is trail riding.  I would like to get one last good ride in before winter.... thanks  for our email....I'll stay in touch. ...  Mel Kendall
    Answer 2 weeks later:  This was the best thing I ever bought.. Jim not only stands still to get on, but there's no throwing the head around or turning in circles or even trying to bite me while I try to get on.... I have an artificial hip and usually till I get my foot in the stirrup he takes off, but now he stands still and I couldn't ask for a better ride.
   Thank you again.... money well spent. Oh, and I got a couple of rides in and now feel confident to go by myself .....  Mel Kendall...
                                                           Waynesboro,  PA.