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Std. English CorrecTOR under 17.5" GP
I rode this little saddle & unit hard-no soreness--even with my 250 lbs!

     I've met many professional English riders that would continue to ride their favorite saddle knowing it was soring their horse. They really knew of no alternative and couldn't imagine riding in another saddle! 
     Now there is an inexpensive alternative, that goes from horse to horse, saddle to saddle, giving you an unbelievable advantage.  Len Brown,  
    Len Brown's Innovations -- 38901 E. Colbern Road Extension, Oak Grove, MO  64075 -- (816)625-0333


Diane Vandeberg has used the Corrector for 3 yrs.
It's under the riding cloth and her testimonial is on this page.

Ms. Diane Van den Berg-- Euro Pferde Centre
    Diane  van den Berg, Owner of the Euro Pferde Centre, Bend , Oregon has been riding dressage, hunter jumper, and jumper for the  past  20 years.
    Diane rides seven horses a day, most days of the year.  She had one particular dressage horse that was especially sensitive. Calm on the ground, he was always "pretty electric" once saddled and his anxiety would escalate during the  work-out.
     She called her equine chiropractor who offered her an unsual saddle pad. 
        It was the Corrector, by Len Brown's Innovations. "We started using it and saw an incredible, incredible difference.
The results were pretty immediate.
 I've owned more pads than Carter has pills.
   No pad, for correction can be 100%.
But I must say, with Len's pad, I've seen improvement and never been disappointed.
  For the money, it's a hell of an investment compared to what you could spend trying to correct saddle fit."    

    I designed the CorrecTOR SYSTEM for the Rider who couldn't think of a different saddle (as mentioned at the top of the page).  When working on the English version I drew from years of experience in riding, designing saddles and palpating horses to determine the ill effects of saddles on them. Some of this hands-on experience came from Seminars I did in; Canada, Austria, Denmark, Germany, England, Mexico, and all over the U.S. including 3 Veterinary Universities. 
   The English unit  was a challenge because the saddle tree area is much smaller than western, and the CorrecTOR itself would have to be much smaller to be accepted by the riders.  It also had to show little resistance to the saddle, so the rider wouldn't lose contact with the horse.  It had to stay in place by itself so a riding cloth could be used above it.  Therefore attachments to the saddle were not possible. 
    It had to stabilize the saddle, position it right behind the shoulder, eliminate the points of the head from impinging upon the shoulder movement, and eliminate the efficient seat aids {via pain} designed in most English saddles, the higher priced often being the most severe!  This is a pretty tall order and I had put it off because I knew it. But I had English customers requesting Correctors after the 1st ads on western appeared.
    What I came up with worked better than I had expected.  It took a lot more work because I decided to mold each insert to the shape of a horse where it was to set.  I did this from a mold of a horses back that you see the corrector on in the photos.  It's a great all round back shape that I took from a horse years ago.
    Putting the unit together was then a challenge as well.  It's very difficult to glue 2 molded plastic shields with compound curves in front and 2 in the rear and keep all the vent holes in line over the slots cut into each .  Just pressing down on one of these shields when gluing to the 1/4" felt will flatten it, hurting its ability to function.  When any one layer touches another the poisition has to be perfect. It was fun and took a lot of technique in putting together.  None of this lends itself to simple mass production, but it works. THE ENGLISH PROTECTOR NOR CORRECTOR ARE ONLY AVAILABLE WITH MY OWN SADDLES. THEY ARE "THE SALIENT GP & SALIENT DRESSAGE. I'M MAXED ON ABILITY TO MAKE ALL THE WESTERN PADS & CINCHES I NOW OFFER. NO MORE ENGLISH PRODUCT WILL BE MADE EXCEPT TO ACCOMPANY MY SADDLES. REGARDS, LEN BROWN  05, 15, 2018
    Tighten the billets on both sides of the saddle.  If you need to keep your saddle forward, Tighten the reat billets 1 hole tighter in rear.   
    To keep it back , 1 hole tighter in the front.  The Corrector does such a good job of keeping the saddle off the shoulder, do not worry about tightening the front billets tighter to hold the saddle back.
    Now put your girth 3" or less from the elbow of your horse.  This puts your girth on the fixed ribs where it should be.  It will slide to there later and loosen if you try to girth further back.
    Leather, canvas, or neoprene, they all work fine.  Just don't do your horse the disservice of ELASTIC on the girth.  Your horse will perform much better with a stable load.  If you're girthed well forward [on the sternum] he can breath just fine and perform better than with bouncy elastic.
    When girthing English or Western, do not just pull up on the billet.  stand on the near side, facing the rear of the horse.  With your left hand lean against him with all your weight Until he pushes back against you.
    Now pull out and then up on the billet with your right hand while pushing against him with your left. Do this quickly and use your shoulders for strength. Finally thumb the tongue of the buckle thru with your left. It's not as hard to do as to explain. It'll stop chincy reactions and it takes your horses mind off of holding his breath. He's not jerked or pinched and he doesn't mind being girthed tight when done in this very humane manner. Did you ever stop to think of what catches your saddle from rolling? First the points on the head of the tree and 2nd, the girth. these are major problems that affect your horses performance and behavior.

Don't RIDE WITHOUT The CorrecTOR, get out your M/C or VISA and get ready for PAIN>FREE RIDING! JUST CLICK Here to view prices & specifications, it's EASY to place a "mock" order!

 Call me, Len Brown, at 417-549-6094, It's okay to call in the evenings if you can catch me. My Email is-          
38901 E Colbern Rd. Ext.
Oak Grove, MO. 64075