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Dear Len, We have been using the Corrector for several months. The Roaning on our Chestnut mare is almost totally gone, that was due to poor saddle fit on the sides of the withers. She also is much more comfortable going down hill with a rider. Her saddle before was pressing on her shoulder blades and she really would go slow.
  So, thank you so much for making these problems go away in such a simple solution and so affordable. We really didn't want to get rid of our custom made $2,000.00 Saddle - So Soon - Now we Don't have to!
  Thanks again - Pat & Dave Schlaich .. Glendale, CA.   

Thanks for coming to the Customers Feedback / page one. I will add to it as time goes on. I think the users experiences with the CorrecTOR will help you in both decision making and use of the device. Page / two is more; of different horsepeople and their experiences! Be sure and read the complete website if you have time. You'll find some pertinent info on every page, regardless of your riding dicipline. The Navigation bar is at the bottom of every page!
   I'll be editing this website pretty regularly, so feel free to call whenever you can catch me. I'm around in the evenings much of the time.    Thanks, Len 
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Jonell Baker>Bakers Paso Fino Horses HUNKLE, OH. 17years & a REAL EXPERIENCE(don't miss it)!

I have had Paso Fino Horses for 17yrs. I was so excited over breeding larger Paso's that I never considered having problems with my saddles fitting. I had used Big Horn synthetic saddles since they came out. ( they're great for our muddy trails, just hose and brush!) I never had any pinching or friction rubs till last year. Big old Mosely was getting white hairs down his withers! Quantico, his father, would show some soring after 8 to 9 hour hard rides as well. So this spring I had to do something different! I went to a Saddle-fitting Clinic and right away I was told I was using a cheap saddle and needed to buy something diff.??!! I didn't BUY IT! They always worked before so I checked into saddles, but didn't see anything that would be as durable & easy to clean.  Then I was reading my TRAILRIDER mag. and saw the CorrecTOR add !!  I talked with Len on the phone, he was very encouraging and I ordered one. I only use a wool blanket over mine. Mosely loves it and NO white hairs this YEAR!!  And I'm still using my cheap durable nylon wash and wear saddles.
   I need to tell you about the day that I had a 1hr. trail group to take out on a Monday. I had Mosely out and ready but I couldn't find the corrector to put under my saddlepad. I took him out with a foam pad instead. He was totally upset, uncomfortable and tossing his head, going sideways etc. etc. He came back soaking wet and breathing heavily. After the riders left I went looking and found the CorrecTOR behind the saddle racks in the trailer. I then saddled my Big Boy up and took him back out! He was very comfortable, never shook his head, no sideways motions.  Just to say, Mosely thanks you Len And so do I.
   Mosely has two brothers and one sister that are just as big. I'm ordering my second corrector and I'm sure we'll be needing more!!
                          Thanks, Bakers PasoFino Trail And Working Horses... Kunkle OH.

FROM>CARMAN CONRAD, a gentleman from BC,CANADA, April 10,2004
HI Len,
 Well I got to try the corrector yesterday and today. Yesterday was good and what I noticed was my horse Maverick(6yr.geld, prominent withers) was willing to step out more and reach with his front end. However; I was somewhat out of position as my saddle was tipped forward too much. I only used a 1/4" wool felt pad on top the corrector and I realized half way through the ride that because my saddle is fairly wide it was sitting too low in front.
  Today was different! I've owned Maverick since last Sept. and today was the best ride I've ever had on this horse. He normally is a slow walker and I've always felt it was because the saddle was uncomfortable for him. I love to trail ride and I like a horse that can stretch out and walk right along. I used my old 1/2" woolfelt pad on top the corrector today and it set the saddle up perfectly. The improvement was amazing! maverick moved out better than ever before with his neck stretched out and his head was swinging in a long striding walk. His ears were pricked and he was just happy to cover the country.
  There was also a bonus. Maverick is often distracted by anything different on the trail and will shy quite a few times in the course of a 2 hr ride. Nothing severe, just a little spook in place or a 90/ pivot away from what scared him. There was none of that today. He just moved out and never acted afraid of anything. Oh he took a close look at some junk and plastic bags along the trail but went on by like there was no problem. I'm comvinced that when a horse is truly physically comfortable his confidence level is much higher. Horses that hurt are looking for ways to get out of work.
  Oh, another bonus. My saddle never moved or rolled around. Normally I have to shift my weight and press one stirrup to level things up and that will happen fairly often during the course of a ride. Not Today! my saddle stayed put right smack in the middle even after mounting. Two hours on the trail and I was always centered. I couldn't get over it. We are going to be logging some long miles from now on now that Maverick and I are both comfortable. 
Thanks Len for a good idea that really works. 
  P.S. I showed a few other folks at the saddle club where I ride how good the corrector is and you may have to be making some more to ship to Canada. 
Best regards, Carman       

 From: Marijane Boomer / Empire, MI.
    Hello Len,
I'm contacting you today to let you know that I put a check in the mail this morning to order another Corrector, this time a standard western, please.
The English style Corrector is working great with the treeless endurance saddle that I use; now I want a western one to give me flexibility with the other miscellaneous saddles and horses that I keep around here.
I have several other pads designed to do the same job as your Corrector, but my horse gets yours. I like it because it's lightweight and keeps a close contact feel when used over a light {1/4" or 1/2"} absorbfelt pad {to keep it clean}.
My horse moves very freely using it, confirming my initial thought when I first saw it advertised: "that looks just strange enough to work!"
Thank goodness for those individuals {like you} who think "outside the box".
     Marijane Boomer
From: Deb Kemna-Fairchild / Cedaredge, CO.
Mr. Brown,
       Thank you for the CorrecTor. I have a 7 year old MFT that seemed very hard to fit with a saddle, no withers and barrel chested. He was unwilling to work and fought my every request to learn, he hurt. In May of 2003 I was getting ready to put my savinings into an expensive paneled saddle when my sister, a trainer, gave me your literature. After contacting you by phone and having a great conversation, I decided to give your pad a try. Wow. We are now side-passing and having a ball. He seems more relaxed and willing, which in turn makes me more relaxed knowing his tack is not causing pain. Thank you for giving us a solution and me peace of mind that I'm doing everything possible to make my horse more comfortable on our rides.
Thank you again,
Deb Kemna-Fairchild 
From: Tom Watson / ARGOS, IND.
    I recently recieved my CORRECTOR and I'm very pleased with the results.
I Have an ORTHO-FLEX American OUTBACK saddle, and have had problems fitting my MULE. I took your advice and removed the Flex-Panels, then used the corrector under my saddle pad. I did have some trouble with the pad being too big for the corrector. Using a smaller pad sized like the corrector would be a good idea.
    When first riding I instantly noticed my MULE moving "looser" in the FRONT END. I also noticed closer contact, and enjoyed sitting "DOWN"  in the saddle.
     Removing the Flex-Panels and using the Corrector appears to have solved
the Pressure Points in my case. I would like to commend on your concern for HORSE & RIDER COMFORT and will update you futher as I use this Combination.
                                     THANKS !
                              Tom Watson
                           13885 19B Rd.
                           Argos, Ind.  46501      

Get your American Express, Discover, VISA or MASTER & CLICK HERE and BEAT THE SADDLE-FIT MONKEY! You can View Prices, Specifications,and you don't even have to put your name down to go thru the order process. At the last you can fill in your info and do an order if you want. Thanks, Len @ 816 625 0333

HI Len,
 Thanks for your call to check on how the English Corrector is working on our Connemara Cross. He is now moving out freely with no signs of pressure or discomfort. Having studied the literature on all of the flex-system saddles out there, it is no surprise to me that the simplest approach is the one that worked best. Thanks for solving the problem (and saving me $2500 bucks)!    Best Regards, Nelson L. Garnett, DVM - Dickerson MD.

Owned by Veterinarian Nelson Garnett and having saddling problems!

Gail Miller Couldn't USE her favorite SADDLE on STORMY until she got The CorrecTOR!

From Gale Miller ? MCNEAL, AZ.
Hi Len,
   Well, I tried the pad today, and with it my saddle definitely did not hurt my horse. However, he has such a round back and barrel, really have to get it tight to keep from rolling. And, then I could still feel it move a little side to side, but stayed put.
    It was really great to ride in my saddle again. I still feel the swinging on and off but that should get better after the new fleece pad breaks in. I'll just have to keep my rides shorter for  awhile, HA!
    THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR "INNOVATION", it saved me from looking for a new saddle. I will definitely spread the word.
    Sincerely, Gale and Stormy

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