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It has come full circle, when I started OrthoFlex no one knew, or wanted to talk about SADDLE FIT. Now, after millions spent educating with Saddling For the 21st Century, videos and Clinics, almost everyone is aware of the effects of a saddle on the horse! I energized a market entrenched in TRADITION. The only reason for change was; "The Customers perception is REALITY". To stay in business,   companies brought out saddles and pads appearing to be improved for the benefit of the horse.   
    The Corrector will level the playing field in the horseworld. No longer will overstated claims sell saddles and pads. Expensive saddles will have to include closer contact and more comfort for the rider. The best saddle companies will profit and the opportunist will lose! Now do you understand the scope of the term "Corrector"?  Enjoy the following stories of a little device, that sounds too good to be true, Len  

Michele Tennery,  from Palistine Tx.
  Hi Len,
Got my Corretor today. Couldn't wait to get home and try it out this evening. My, what a difference; I could actually see the difference in how my mare's shoulders moved. I could put my fingers under the front of the Pro Choice pad. The velcro sticks to the Pro Choice pad wonderfully. Rhi did not feel as "choppy" in her gaits.
   Thanks for a fantastic "fix" for my antique saddle.   Michele

From Brenda Noble, Tuscon Az., who does reining and cutting on her horses.
Dear Len,
I recently purchased your corrector pad and a set of shims and wanted to let your know that it works great!!    Last year I purchased a 14.2h three year old Doc Bar bred Quarter horse as a reining prospect.  I tried repeatedly to fit saddles on him with no luck and purchased and re-sold 3saddles in the last year.  He is very short backed and his rump is highter than his withers. I finally found that a reining saddle with semi-QH bars fits him best, but the gullet was not wide enough to accomodate his well developed shoulders.  Therefore, the saddle was pushing on his shoulders and causing pain which made his spins and turns slow and choppy and required constant adjustments to his shoulders.  I hated this situation as I didn't want him to be in pain, but could not afford a custom saddle and was at a real loss as to how to remedy the problem until I found your internet site.
   Now, thanks to the Corrector pad and a set of your shims, the saddle is moved off of his shoulders and he is turning and moving freely.  As an added bonus, he no longer swishes his tail during saddling and no longer threatens to buck when he is being warmed up.  I can't tell you what a wonderful difference this has made in his attitude and performance and in my gilt level!  The corrector is a wonderful invention!  Thanks much, 
                Brenda Noble

Linda Simmons on Tiger the Paint - T/B cross.
Only 3 & 1/2 mo. of winter, riding w/ corrector & Tiger looks like a different horse.

From - Linda Simmons,          Twin Brooks S. Dakota
  Thanks for inventing the Corrector. I haven't found as many riders who understand what a great device it is but met some endurance riders in fargo ND. They are sending me a writeup on the correctors they are using. I'll foreward it to you as soon as I get it.
   The pictures are of my horse Tiger Ondeck (half  TB half paint). The first picture is when he came back from a trainer in late Nov..  The second picture is of him in March 04. I must give credit to the Corrector for the recovery of his back muscles and for the freedom of his movements. No more trainers Without a corrector being used. I can't believe how far he's come in 3 1/2 months. You can see for yourself. Thanks again.       Sincerely, Linda Simmons

Len, I've been using the Corrector for about 2 months and I wanted to let you know how it was working.
   I have a 9 yr. old REINING HORSE who was sluggish when he was asked to back up. I felt that my saddle was digging in behind his shoulder blades. Since I have been using the Corrector his backup has improved greatly. His turnarounds have improved as well. I wanted to thank you for a great invention. Sincerely, Melissa Peabody, April 29th,2002 

Hi Len,
  I am getting back into riding after ten years with bad back. Had sold all tack. Needed saddle. Searched Internet.   Was seriously considering ordering flex panel saddle, but read so many conflicting articles, did not know who to believe.   You were not selling saddle,  e=mailed you and you replied    bless your heart. Recommended Aust stock saddle.  Have ordered, thank you = have several horses. Much different backs, so the corrector is a  perfect solution. Thank you so much.
   I told Colin you referred. Ordered their patrol poly.  Keep up the good work. It gives you faith in the human race that not everyone is just out to get your buck.  God bless, LuAnn and Ed Sullivan

From Julia Tussing,  who rides hunter/jumper &equitation,works                                         at the Stanford School of Medicine, CA.
 Hi Len,
You sent me the Corrector last week and it really did seem to help the problem we were having with my very wide percheron/QH cross, who shakes his head and bucks over fences when the tree points dig in, and whose back becomes sore from the heavier rider who is on him once a week in the Wintec and rides totally from her seat. It worked beautifully for me, and he didn't offer to buck once with her either, for I think the first time in months. I've already told the other rider to buy her own and reffered her to your website, so I hope she does! Thanks, Julia

From William Gheysen, (owns a stables in Vienna Ontario, Canada.)
    A neighbor is working his reining horses in my arena.
He was trying a corrector.
We were amazed how well the saddle fit on the horse.
After working the horse, the area under the saddle seemed to stay cool.
Doug decided to order two more correctors.
   I have Arabians, but don't ride to much. (age 71)
Some of my horses are green.
Sometimes it's wesstern pleasure, sometimes it's just western.
 Anyway, that's why I ordered the Corrector. Thanks, Wm Gheysen