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From Lyn Dunker,   Nov. 22, 2016 >  Hey there! The Protector has been AMAZING!  It pretty much Turned my unpredictable mare into the manageable horse

I always wanted. She used to occasionally rear for no reason. It must have been the saddles I had because she no longer rears randomly when going from a 

halt transition up (it was very infrequent, her rears, but when they did happen I usually was unable to find a cause). 

    The muscle atrophy in her wither pockets had reversed and the muscle was slowly growing fully back in. I have been away from my horse for 3 months so unfortunately I didn't have as much ride time as I would have liked with it. when I get back I will send a full review after six weeks back in work.

   I will say that the first ride I had in the Protector was unforgettable. It had been a long time since my horse had run with me on her back just for the joy of running.  I can't wait to send that full review! Later, Lyn 

Hello len,  I've been waiting to be sure of my horse's experience before writing. I have thought I found the right fix too many times and the long term results in the past were bad news.
     I just did my and my horse's first 100 miler last weekend. We did one 50 in May for the first endurance ride with the Corrector.
       This 100 miler was the true test. All A's on his vet card for Back Scores!!   The head Vet REALLY palpated his back and I was stAnding there holding my breath, they made us pull our original saddle and it is NOW staying off his shoulders wonderfully. That was all it ever had an issue with, it fits good in all ohter ways. No Crupper needed NOW which is great, down some extreme downhill long slopes.
    I was glad to see that you have made an envelope pad with wear leathers, will have to order it when I can. My UltraLite works fine, I cut it to contour my saddle but I am getting a lot of wear on the sides under my legs. Endurance is tough on tack! 
   Thank you for making this pad, it sure did save us! Kelly Nutter Corvallis, Oregon 
       PS to those reading the above>( Kelly's 1st email to me) :  Hi,  I've been in Endurance in a Stonewall saddle for 3 years on my present horse. He started getting white hairs behind the withers so I decided to get a custom Stonewall made for him from his measurements. 
   My new Stonewall came and fit terrible., way too marrow in the front bars and made worse white hairs.  I then ordered a Synergist saddle. It rode forward on the shoudlers even worse with dry spots and more white hairs.
     I have just been demoing a Freeform Treeless saddle for past 5 weeks and my horse has such a dramatically sore back that I thought he was colicing last nite. Took him to the Vet this morning and the vet lightly passed his hand over where the saddle sits and my horse freaked. I kept thinking he was just needing to get used to it! I have a very sore horse on banamine now thanks to my incredible stupidity.
    I need to know what type of Corrector pad goes under a Stonewall? Also the Synergist people  said my horse has a very forward girth groove and is built like a mule. He is pure Arab with a very wide back, long withers, and big shoulders. I can't keep saddles off his shoulders, even using a curpper consistently. If I tighten too much, then it pulls on my horse when he tries to eat grass next to the trail.
   He has much more white hair on the left wither. I read your article about the one sided horse / rider and I think I fall into that problem also.  Look forward to hearing from you, I am going to order the pad. Will wait to oeder until I hear from you so I get the right things. Thank you, Kelly Nutter

Hello Len,
   I had not used my CorrecTOR much until recently.  I just got a very old Brazilian saddle and the CorrecTOR fits right under there perfectly.  I was amazed that my mare didn't so much as pinch a nostril or swish a tail when I strapped that saddle on (and belive me, it's a primitive tree...) and swung up to ride. She is usually kind of a pisser for the first few minutes.  I confess I had not used the CorrecTOR on her previously because I rode her usually in a treeless since she is so danged wide.  Well, I hate to tell you you're right, but I think she didn't like feeling my bony butt on her back - she prefers the saddle tree ...with a CorrecTOR...
     I use the CorrecTOR in a sock directly under the saddle with no pad. 
           Thanks, Cynthia Dehner Guertin  >Grand Junction, Colorado 

Hi Len,
    I have the CorrecTOR  pad with shims for my English saddle and just love it.  Now I want to purchase one right away for my husband's western saddle.  P.S.> My English pad solved all of my problems for my Tennessee Walker mare.  Just couldn't get a saddle to fit her and this did the trick.  Thanks so much for your help.  Connie Burgdorf >   Alvord, TX.

Hi, Len,
     Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
I did as you said in your email and the Eli Miller Saddle did very well.  I rode my horse for about an hour today .  She gaited well and was very relaxed. I thnk I was not placing the CorrecTOR far forward enough.
     With that said, I now want to order another CorrectTOR pad, with no shims, and I want another of the socks to put it in and keep it clean when in use.
     Thank you, Lee Pemberton  > Staunton, VA.

Hi Len,
I tried out my CorrecTOR for the first time today with my Morgan filly. It took some adjusting, as the pad I thought I could use it with turned out to be an absolute no! By the time I had the shims on and that thick pad too, my saddle seemed about 6 inches above her back. Then tried with an old Navajo and MUCH better.  She also had even sweat marks after our ride.  She cantered much more freely--she used to act fussy and switch back to a trot after a few strides.  Not today, she stayed in the canter even on turns, and was more willing to circle at the trot than usual.  Given she only has a few weeks under saddle, rather inconsistently, I don't expect her to circle real nicely; but she used to really fight it.  Seemed to hold saddle in place pretty well.  I think I am going to change the type of cinch I am using. She was not fussy or stiff today at all. How nice, and will try again tomorrow. I'll keep you posted..Thanks, Jenny

Dear Len,
   A couple of months back, I started my Paint Gelding with your CorrecTOR. Just wanted you to know that I've seen a marked improvement in his way of going, especially on the downhill. Because I can't ride daily (I'm only out here part time), it has taken awhile for him to believe that he doesn't have to brace against the pressure of the saddle behind his shoulder with stiff little steps. But I think he has finally accepted it as fact. Today, without urging, his "power walk" was nearly as extended on the downhill as it was on the flat! Also he has always resisted backing up. With a little work on that, he's much more willing and clearly more felxible.
    Thanks for answering my questions both by email and on the phone - I think I've made an excellent purchase. Gangster sends his thanks,too!
  Best, Chris Wipff > O'Neals,California

Hi Len,
  I received your Corrector Pad today and just loved it. In just one ride.  My question is about how to keep the fleece clean.  I purchased a navajo envelope and really want to keep this pad clean and ready for action.  If you could pass that information along, I would really appreciate it.  I already told everyone where I board my horse, "You need one of these."  Thanks so much
                           Gina Cheney

Well, it worked.  He moved great, I could tell by the way he was responding that he was comfortable and relaxed.  Now I don't need to buy a new saddle for my Fjord
Do youy want me to send you a picture?Thanks,

Len - it's working great on my foxtrotter - of course, she's still nursing her filly so we don't get to ride her very far or for very long, but I had no idea just how much pressure my Crest Ridge guffey was placing on her shoulders before your pad - expect it will work just as great for our new gelding - his saddle appears to fit him pretty good, but I don't want to wait for the pain and behavior problems to begin to find out if we need another of your great pads.  Thanks again!

Hi Len, thanks for your interest.  I first learned about the corrector from a fellow barrel racer, she really liked it.  I also had another fellow barrel racer that was using one and I was thinking about getting one and hadn't gotten around to it, until recently my large TB/QH reared up on me as something on the saddle pinched/spooked him, I'm not really sure what happened.  Since then when I mount I have noticed that once in a while he hunches up a little when I first move out on him, so I purchased your pad to try to alleviate this.  The funny thing is that he has been ridden in this saddle for 2 years and no problems until now.  Any advice is appreciated and I sure hope the corrector does just that (correct).
Thanks again,
  Margaret Hageness - Devils Lake, ND
Dec. 27, 2005
Len, thanks for the advice.  I tried it on both of my barrel horses.  The first was wponderful, could tell 100% difference right away!!  The next (the TB) I had positioned too far back and it was bothering him when I trotted.  Will correct and try again.  I am very, very pleased with your product and am in process of getting those testimonials together and will send to you.  Thank you for all of your time, advice and for making such a wonderful product.  If I have further questions, comments I will let you know.
Thanks again,
  Margaret Hageness
Dec. 30, 2005